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VMWare Bridge Connection Error Resolution

I promise you all, whenever I get on my lab, I always run into issues. The good thing is I document all my solutions in OneNote, by category, in the event I ever run into the issue again. I have always used VirtualBox as my virtualization solution because it was free but I decided to transition to VMWare since VMWare is what most companies are using and it is apparently more stable. My purpose is to create a better and stable lab environment to practice my cybersecurity work and to complete some hands on exercises for my upcoming LPI certification through Western Governors University. The first VM I created was an Ubuntu VM and I wanted to run the bridge option instead of NAT. With bridge mode, I am able to give this VM its own IP in order for it to connect to the network and to be visible by my Assessment Machine (Attacker). When I attempted to use bridge mode for vmnet0, my network connection in the Ubuntu VM never connected. Only solution that worked is the manual configuration option. Manual Configuration Procedure First open your CMD, with administrator permission, on the host device in order to locate LAN Adapter IP Address, Subnet Mask, and Default Gateway. My connection is wireless so in the below picture you will see "Wireless LAN Adapter Wi-Fi" at the very bottom.

Wireless LAN Adapter Wi-Fi Information: Capture the "IPv4 address, Subnet Mask, and Default Gateway" information to complete the manual configuration process for your VM.

Select the "Network Icon" on your VM, then "Wired Connection"

Select "Wired Settings"

Select the "Wired Setting Icon"

Go to "IPv4" and Select "Manual"

Input an IP Address from your network range (XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX), Netmask, and your Default Gateway

Set your DNS. It is very important to separate each IP Address with a comma and no spacing. Then click Apply.

You should see the below connection now.

Go to your VM Terminal and run "ping" to test your connection

Or simply go to your browser of choice to see if you can access the internet. Hopefully this can be helpful to anyone who run into this issue.

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